Name: Jessie Chatham Spencer

Github: jmintb




Software engineer with experience in data science, compilers, mobile applications, frontend, backend, MLOps, and cloud infrastructure + orchestration(Kubernetes).

My free time is spent on open-source contributions or my own projects related to compilers, language design, data science, and MLOps.

Most of the code I write these days is in Rust.

Formal Education

Academic Highlights

Opensource Work

I have/am making contributions to a few open-source projects. Most notably:

Notable Projects

Compiler using Rust, MLIR and LLVM

I have recently started working on my own language and compiler using Rust, MLIR, and LLVM. Check it out here:

I write about the process here

End-to-end MLOps tool in Rust

I spent the last year developing a Kubernetes-based MLOps tool first in Go and then in Rust.

It consists of multiple controllers, a gRPC service, CLI, and a dashboard all in Rust.




MLOps Startup Attempt

Company: TeaInSpace

Period: 2022-07 to 2023-09

Summary: I focused on bootstrapping an MLOps-based company. Through this process I:

Head of IT

Company: RE-ZIP
Period: 2021-07 to 2022-06 Summary: I was hired to transition the company to a sustainable and modern tech stack while maintaining legacy systems.

Student Developer on the Machine Learning Team

Company: Salling Group

Period: 2020-07 to 2021-07

Summary: Designed, built, and maintained a bespoke portable and scalable MLOps platform using K8S and Argo Workflows which is still in use today. Experimented with various recommendation models for clothing based on visual similarity.

Student Developer on the API Team

Company: Salling Group

Period: 2019-08 to 2020-07

Summary: I worked on internal tooling, developed Node.js-based services, and maintained our infrastructure.

Student Developer (2017-12 to 2018-08) / Full Time Developer (2018-08 to 2019-08) on the Mobile Team

Company: Sallng Group

Period: 2017-12 to 2019-08, first year as a student developer, second year as a full-time developer while I was on break from my bachelor's degree.

Summary: Developed and maintained various Android applications, services in Nodejs and Go. Pushed the team towards implementing automation, code review, tests, and fostering a more collaborative culture.

App Startup Attempt

Company: CJ Software

Period: 2016-09 to 2017-08

Summary: I developed an Android application to read notifications to the user. It got a small amount of traction with a few paying users.